Daily Manna

Bold enough to be lead by the spirit

The wicked flee when no man pursues them, but the [uncompromisingly] righteous are bold as a lion. - PROVERBS 28:1

If we intend to succeed at being ourselves, we must reach a point where we can be led by the holy spirit. Only God, through his spirit, will lead us to succeed and be all we can be. Other people usually won’t, the devil certainly won’t, the devil certainly won’t, and we are not able to do it ourselves without God. Being led by the spirit does not mean that we never make mistakes. The Holy Spirit doesn’t make mistakes, but we do. Following the spirit’s leading is a process which can only be learned by doing. We start by stepping out into the things we believe God is putting on our hearts, and we learn by wisdom and experience how to hear more clearly and definitely. I say that boldness is required to be led by the Spirit because 1) only boldness steps out, and 2) only boldness can survive making mistakes. When insecure people make mistakes, they often will never try again. Bold people make many mistakes, but their attitude is, “I’ m going to keep trying until I learn to do this right.” Those who suffer from condemnation usually don’t believe they can hear from God. Even if they think they may have heard from God and do step out, a minor failure is a major setback to them. Each time they make mistakes, they come under a new load of guilt and condemnation. They end up spending all their time in the cycle. They make a mistake, feel condemned, make another mistake, feel condemned, and on and on. I don’t go around all the time expecting to make mistakes, but I have mentally dealt with the fact that I do make mistakes sometimes. I am prepared mentally and emotionally not to be defeated by mistakes and problems when they do come. Be hold. Be determined, that you are going to be all God wants you to be. Don’t hide behind fears and insecurities any longer. If you have already made major blunders in your life and have been living under condemnation because of them this is the time to press on! You are reading this is the time to press on! You are reading this book for a reason, and I encourage you take this message personally, just as though God were talking directly to you through it. Be determined to press on towards victory.