Our Vision


To reach the true Gospel to the ends of the earth, at any cost.

To declare the love of God to all without religion, cast, race, colour or denomination.

As a church, to become a channel of solution for problem faced by the Society by promoting oneness through love and mutual honour.

To preach the Gospel of Righteousness, Salvation and Deliverance in Indian and all over the world, which is freely available by faith in the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

To proclaim in all the earth that the Lord Jesus Christ is resurrected and living today, and is coming back soon to gather those that believe in Him and obey his Word.

To love God and love people selflessly, and to powerfully equipment, women, youth and children in godly order, to be families that flourish in covenant relationships.

To baptize and to make disciples of those that believe, in order to make ready a church the glorious bride, for the return of Christ.

To heal the broken-hearted to unto the works of the devil, to cast out demons and to set the captives free.

To raise sons and daughters under the hand of God setting them forth as flaming arrows from the bows of spiritual fatherhood, so that they in turn may seek the face of God and minister according to the counsel of God in their generations.

To seek the face of God Almighty; to worship Jesus Christ and be transformed into His image, and to be filled with the Holy spirit, to reign over flesh, over the world and over Satan and to live a victorious life